Amanda Palmer is looking for a new record company because (amidst other cunty behaviour) her record company wanted to edit out her "fat" belly and she refused. Actually, she told them to fuck off. Here is the video:

Skip to 3:45. See a fat belly? No. Me neither. If there was one, would it matter? It's her video, her body, her choice to display it and her fans choice to look at it. Beth Ditto seems to be doing OK for herself. Have they ever been to one of her live shows? Do they know that *shock* she also doesn't shave her armpits? Do they provide such consultation for all their other musicians? Do they not see what these preconditions for female musicians do to the women? It's so ridiculously unimportant.

This is one of the reasons I do not support the recording industry. This is why I rarely buy albums. This is why I'm now blacklisting Roadrunner. Protip for Roadrunner: Amanda Palmer makes money by walking into a bar with a ukelele. She's has a growing loyal fanbase. You just lost yourself a massive meal ticket by being misogynist idiots on an uncreative label stocked with large hairy men in a culture that is increasingly refusing to buy what you sell because your industry is BULLSHIT. Welcome to failure.