Burger King Takeover (slightly NSFW)

Couple of kids taking over the intercom at a Burger King (it gets REALLY good at the halfway point):

How to do it:


Drive-Thru-Mall Project

Since moving to the US a month ago, I've separated my photography from here and started Drive-Thru-Mall, an almost-one-photo-per-day blog of my new life as an immigrant in San Diego. I think I can now officially state that it will not be abandoned. So if you've enjoyed my photography over the last few years, please take a look, add it to your RSS feed, etc. I'm intending to add photography back here in some other facility, I'm just not sure how.


Free Books

"People in Bristol have been invited to help themselves to free books at a warehouse which were left behind when the owners left the site. Bookbarn's lease on the premises in Arnos Vale recently expired and when the firm moved out it left behind thousands of books.

Managers of the Paintworks site have invited people to help themselves."

- BBC News

Photos from the brilliant Aztec West:

Absolutely heartbreaking. And I am so jealous. I am hoping that people are going and pulling out any children's books for their local schools, and something for our local libraries. Rotting books are an absolute tragedy.


"My parents don't remember their earliest conversation. What was said when, who spoke first and why - these are details more than 40 years gone. All my father can tell me is that he met my mother in his storefront ministry centre in 1968, in a section of Boston known as "The Gut" because it had the highest incidence of stabbings in the city. At the time, he was a Catholic priest wearing a white plastic collar like a lock around his neck. She was a nun in a virgin's black veil."
- Unholy Matrimony by Peter Manseau


Naturally 7, Live on the Paris Subway


Korean Pizza

Things to take from this video:

1) Koreans maintain their position as the best kind of Asian
2) I really need to start learning and randomly inserting Cantonese cuss words into my vocabulary.



"A traditionalist Catholic bishop who denies the full extent of the Holocaust has said he must review historical evidence before considering an apology to Jews."
- Reuters