"When you don’t support access to a safe and legal abortion, you are telling women they are not the most able to decide what to do with their bodies. When you advocate against abortion, when you clearly state you want it outlawed, you are showing a total lack of information and knowledge of women’s reproductive health, social problems, and the horrifying time before roe v wade made abortion legal. Obviously, having an abortion is an incomprehensibly difficult decision (for most, though probably not all women) and to uniformly oppose it shows a complete and total disconnect from women’s health and needs.

And let me just say this, you are either part of the solution, of encouraging elected officials to support a women’s right to choose or you are a apart of the antiquated group who would like to go back to the days where women shove coat hangers in their vaginas or take dangerous concoctions of medicines. Because abortion will never be unnecessary, because there will always be gaps in sexual education, rapes, and unwanted, unplanned pregnancies, I will always trust women and support their right to choose."

- Anti Choice by coitusandcopouts